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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Science journal

Science journal 1: Sliming mr Anderson

When I arrived at school in the morning I saw Miss Smith and Mrs Pageot with buckets, food colouring and cornflour. Miss Smith told us to come and sit on the floor, once we were all on the floor Miss Smith told some people to get some water in the buckets. We added the ingredients in the buckets to make slime. We put lots of water in one bucket and not as much in the other bucket. Then we mixed them together and tipped them over mr Anderson I wonder why mr Anderson wanted slime tipped on him. My learning for gathering data is multistructural. My inferring learning is unistructral because I don’t know a lot about what it is.

Science journal 2: balloon rocket

We went outside and found a spot to put up some wool for our balloon rocket. We attached a straw and taped the balloon to it, then we blew up the balloon and let it go. It didn't go forward but it spun around on the spot using the force of the air coming out of it. My group decided to move spots. In our new spot we went through the same steps but this time the balloon traveled to about halfway and then we had to pack up.
I think I am at multistructural on the rubric.

Science journal 3: balloon rocket again

The teachers explained why we were doing the balloon rocket again it, was because this time we were going to use fishing line instead of wool . We went outside but this time we tied the string on a slope and we recorded what the balloon did this time the balloon much further. I wonder why the balloon went further on the fishing wire. I think I am multistructural on the gathering data rubric. My learning is at multistructural for inferring.

Science journal 4: Trebuchet

This week we have been observing a catapult, it’s name is a Trebuchet. It has a bucket that holds fishing weights and it has a big arm and you pull down the arm and it is held down by a small nail and you pull the nail out to fire it.
I was surprised when the ball fired so far the first time. When we had all the weights in I was surprised that it went so much further than the first ball.

Science journal 5: Trebuchet vs Onager

This week we have been studying the trebuchet and the onager and we have found out what is the same and different.

We found out that the onager is powered by torsion and the trebuchet is powered by gravity. The trebuchet is a lot bigger than onager and it fires a lot further than the trebuchet. The onager is faster and more powerful than the trebuchet. The trebuchet has a higher arch than the onager because it has a longer arm than the onager.

As there are differences we found out that they are both are designed to do some heavy damage. They both are made to smash through walls with stuff like boulders and occasionally objects that can be set on fire but the onager is made to take down walls while the trebuchet is made to go over walls. We used tennis balls and they both went for around 30 meters. Both also have a sling, a place for the projectile to sit.

In conclusion we found out that there were a lot of similarities and lots of differences. I wonder if the onager and trebuchet would be designed differently now days?

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Responsible citizen

In He Tangata we have been learning to be a responsible citizen. For my inquiry I am teaching little kids to draw. I  think I am multistructural on the rubric because I have a good plan and I have everything ready for my lesson. I am proud of my drawing of the dog because it includes some of the techniques I was going to teach the kids. I am proud of my plan because the had everything it needed and the time I need do something when the teacher doesn't email back and actually do the lesson.

Thursday, 6 April 2017


 I can't wait till I get home and read my book.

It's a cold and rainy day. I am wet from the rain.

I dry off, sit on the couch and open my book.

I flop, relax, concentrate and enjoy.

The more I read, the more exciting it gets.

I love getting lost in my book.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

My metaphor poem

I am a shiny green Porsche, taking over everyone else.

I am a old little cottage on a hill, looking down on a green valley.

I am a 5 star restaurant, buzzing with hungry customers.

I am a green juicy apple, with a refreshing crunch.

I am a dish of steaming hot lasagne.

I am a dark blue scarf, flapping in the winter wind.

Ko Quinn ahau